Professional Optical Trackball PC Thicken Mouse Pad Support Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad Mat Mice For Dota2 Diablo 3 CS Mousepad


ouse Mice Pad Black Comfort Wrist Rest Support Mat Computer PC Laptop

Useful and comfortable to wear.

The ear plug is made of soft TPE material, it can prevent water enter into ear .
PVC earplug can prevent water from entering the ear canal and ear menbrane.
Item condition: New.
Color: Black 
Quantity: 1 PC
Size: 230*180*2(MM)/230*210*4(MM)
FrontSide Material: Sponge & Cloth.
Use For: Perfect for Optical Mouse & Trackball Mouse & Mechanical Mouse.
Slim & Attractive Designing, Non-Reflective hard surface.
Human Design, will make your Wrist comfortable when using mouse.
Mouse Not Included.
This Mouse Pad will help your Mouse get a Accurate Tracking and click, Wonderful partner for Mouse!



Packages:(Mouse Not Included)


1x Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad

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